THE BLANK TAPES’ demos/rarites/side projects now available on HI-FI-LO-FI Recordings!

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Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes recently started releasing his demos, rarites, & side projects on his HI-FI-LO-FI Recordings Bandcamp page. Here’s a run down on some of the projects:

Daydreams Demos – Only 20 of these cassettes were made back in 2006, featuring demos of songs from Daydreams, Home Away From Home, & The One EP
Solo in Somerville – Recorded for the Band in Boston podcast smack dab in the middle of The Blank Tapes solo, 2 month, cross country, Daydreams tour in 2007
Cell Songs & Minute Melodies – Digital lo-fi at it’s dirtiest. Snippets of songs & other ideas recorded on cell phones & old computers with built in mics.
Happy Whatever! – The title track was written & recorded on Xmas 2010 with the help of his mom and brother. A year later he recorded a few more tracks that represented a musical connection with each family member.
Hear We Are – An early 2012 jam session turned recording session with Big Sur’s Levi Strom & the legendary Kath Bloom! Live 4 track
Blue Pearl of Happiness – Matt plays drums, bass, & guitar on Vera Gogh’s “Lost” debut. Check out her new French project “SLOVE”
Pit Stains Wild – The Blank Tapes’ bass player DA Humphrey produced his album on Matt McCluer’s old 8 track cassette tape recorder.

Matt Adams also produced these projects that have their own bandcamp pages:
Dirdy Birdy – Alan Siegel & Matt Adams have been playing & recording as Dirdy Birdy since 2001! Written by Alan & produced by Matt. Always a party! Here are the albums he produced: A Headful of Sunshine, Imaginary Friend, Sweet Potato EP, & Down the Road (coming soon…)
Au Dunes – I recorded the first 3 of the 4 songs on this Portland band’s debut EP. A side project of Greg Olin of Graves. Sooo raw.
Collin Ludlow-Mattson & the Folks – Matt Adams produced this folky, fuzzy album of songs by Collin Ludlow-Mattson, formerly of The Flagpoles. A new album is on the way!
Sleepy Todd – The Blank Tapes’ former drummer, Sleepy Todd, is not only an amazing stand-up comedian & beat sampler, but also a folky, guitar picker with some funny and frail songs. Produced by Matt Adams. Check out his LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO comedy album I recorded too.
Sugar Candy Mountain – Matt produced Track 1 “Weekend Daydreams” of THE BLANK TAPES bay area drummer, Will Halsey’s, Sugar Candy Mountain debut! Check out the rest of the album, produced by Will, the mad genius, psychedelic, Brian Wilson, producer he is! Matt played bass on a few other tracks.
Jeff Manson – Here’s 1 of the 3 tracks Matt Adams produced of Jeff Manson. “The Armored Coast” Love it!
Obo Martin – Matt recently produced 2 songs, “The Pilgrimage” & “Four Letter Words,” by Obo Martin (of The Be Good Tanya’s fame!) not to mention the countless other demos, one of which is still on his Myspace
Keegan Goodman – Matt Adams recently produced 3 of Keegan’s awesome Lou Reed/Bob Dylan-esque songs: Car Crash Sorceress, Stripteen, & Amphetamine Queen. Side note – Keegan onced drummed for THE BLANK TAPES on a Pacific Northwest Tour!
Michael Musika – Matt Adams played bass on his recent SPELLS album as well as re-recording the song “The Spellbound Traveller Loses All Possessions” for an upcoming compilation. Check it out on Youtube!
Honey.Moon.Tree. – Musical genius, Aslan Rife, still has yet to release his long awaited debut album. Untill then, here’s 1 of the 2 recordings Matt Adams produced.
The Beehavers – Matt Adams produced this Bryant Denison hit right before he formed The Beehavers. His new stuff is sounding better & better!
Indianna Hale – Matt Adams produced THE BLANK TAPES’ back up singer, Kathryn Jensen’s, first album, pre Indianna Hale. “She’s a Revolution” split CD with Matt McCluer, which features 4 songs produced by Matt Adams as well: #9, 11, 12, & 18
Matt McCluer – Matt Adams played drums (and a little guitar and singing) on quite a few recordings from “A Good Day to Rock!” & “Inside Jokes”
Emily Ritz – Emily Ritz pre Honeycomb, Yesway, & DRMS.
Quinn Deveaux – Demos and various recordings of Quinn Deveaux coming soon to HI-FI-LO-FI recordings! Look out for Matt’s cameo in this Quinn music video Directed by Erin Clancy who did The Blank Tapes “We Can Do What We Want To” video.
Mark Matos/Os Beaches/Transvan Santos – Matt Adams played bass and some keys on the first Os Beaches Words of the Knife album and sporadically contributes to his Family Folk Explosion collective project.
Traverteen – Matt Adams has been recording his brother Ryan (no, not THAT Ryan Adams) since the beginning.

Also be sure to check out my old bandmates’ Magic Leaves & fpodbpod


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