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The Blank Tapes contributed their cover of Kris Kristofferson’s Otherside of Nowhere to Michael Dixon’s PIAPTK (People in a Position to Know) Kris Kristofferson tribute which is available as a double vinyl, ORDER HERE!
Kris Kristofferson

The Rising Cost of Livin’ High and Lovin’ Hard: A 2xLP Tribute to Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson’s music might not be quite as well known as his buddies Waylon, Willie, and Johnny, (who he in a super-group, called The Highwaymen, with) but amongst songwriters in the know, he is just as highly respected. Rhodes Scholar, helicopter pilot, songwriter, janitor, actor, heartthrob, and all-around Renaissance Man. His history is just as legendary as any of his outlaw country counterparts.

And now, PIAPTK Records wants to pay homage to this living legend and his songwriting through a new double LP full of amazing artists putting their own personal spin on his classic tales of ne’er-do-wells, miscreants, ladies men, hard luck heroes, and misunderstood every-men battling the devil. We contacted all of the friends and artists that we have worked with over the years, and within months, we had over 25 incredible submissions.

Kris Kristofferson toon WEB

The Rising Cost of Livin’ High and Lovin’ Hard: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson

Golden Boots – Best of All Possible Worlds
The Gifted Children – Enough For You
Little Wings – I May Smoke Too Much
Simon Joyner – Help Me Make It Through The Night
Karl Blau – Here Comes That Rainbow Again
Assateague – Josie
RFK Heise – Stranger
Ohian – Year 2000 + 7&5
Wckr Spgt – Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
The Gift Machine – The Taker
Wooden Wand feat. The Scrivener – Tell Me One More Time
The Blank Tapes – Other Side of Nowhere
Great Lakes – Nobody Wins
New Science Projects – The Pilgrim: Chapter 33
Amo Joy! – Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down
Miniature and Presidential – Bottle to the Bottom
Timezone Lafontaine, Andras Jones, Sandman The Rappin’ Cowboy, and Calvin Johnson – The Highwayman
The Ocean Floor – For the Good Times
Daring Ear – Silver Tongued Devil and I
Southerly – Same Old Song
Matt Hopper – Jody and the Kid
Turner Cody – Sam’s Song
The Black Swans – Moment of Forever
Good Saints – Breakdown
Bob Simpson – Jesus Was A Capricorn


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