Broke Ass Stuart’s: Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

This article originally appeared in on February 13, 2013

Broke Ass Stuart’s
Listen Up: Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

I was thinking today … what if your Valentines Day was a movie?
Perhaps you were asked to be the director of said movie. The producer wanted the movie to be a silent one, and all the scenes would be set to music. The location scout informed you that cameras would just follow the main character from the point they woke up … to the moment they went to bed. And then you found out that the main actor/actress was you? What would the soundtrack of your day be?

I decided to create the soundtrack of my Valentines Day using all local SF bands.
Here is my “romantic” story … told by a play list that rocks:

WAKING UP: The Frail – Frenemies
SNOOZE BUTTON: I The Mighty – The Dreamer
PUSHING SNOOZE AGAIN: Bird by Bird – Don’t Wake Me
STILL NOT OUT OF BED: The Shants – Morning
LEAVING BEDROOM: Extra Action Marching Band – Durge
WANDERING HALLWAY: Birds & Batteries – Lightening
BRUSHING TEETH: Tartufi – Dot Dash
EATING BREAKFAST: Agent Ribbons – I Was Born to Sing Sad Songs
PUT ON SWEATER & LEAVE HOUSE: Scissors For Lefty – Next To Argyle
TRANSIT TO WORK: Nobunny – (Do the) F’ Yourself
STARTING WORK: !!! – There’s No F’ing Rules, Dude
JUST BECAUSE OF THE F’ THEME: California (Is For F’ckrs)
FEELING BAD FOR YOURSELF: Paranoids – She Hates You
A LITTLE MORE SADNESS: Or, The Whale – No Love Blues
LAST SAD SONG BEFORE CHANGE: Picture Atlantic – Joust
GETTING READY FOR: Music For Animals – Worry
LUNCH: Please Do Not Fight – On The Other Hand, Fight! Fight! Fight!
AFTER LUNCH DRAMA: Dizzy Balloon – A little Note
DREARY AFTERNOON: The Downer Party – Gold
ENDING WORK DAY: Ferocious Few – Gasoline and Cocaine
PLANNING EVENING: My First Earthquake – Ice Queen
TRANSIT HOME: B and Not B – Traffic Jam of Stars
NOT HOME YET: Rin Tin Tiger – Greedy Traveler
CALLING YOUR FRIENDS: The Lovely Public – Preparations
GETTING IN THE MOOD: Jhameel – Shut Up
GETTING READY FOR EVE: Chromeo – Needy Girl
CRUISING THE CITY: Sugar & Gold – Neighborhood
STORY OF YOUR CITY: Blood and Sunshine – New York City
LOVE IN ALL CITIES: Geographer – Paris
ENTERING THE “CLUB”: The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Start
OWNING IT: Dangermaker – Looks Good
SPOTTED A HOTTY: Girl Named T – Model in the Media
MAKING YOUR MOVE: The Blank Tapes – We Can Do What We Want To
SHE ASKS FOR THE WORLD: The Hot Toddies – Sugar Daddy
GIVING HER THE WORLD: The Mumlers – Tangled Up With You
ITS WORKING: Social Studies – We Choose Our Own Adventure
LEAVING THE “CLUB”: French Miami – Suge Night Driving
CHANGING MOOD: The Morning Benders – Excuses
REFLECTING ON THE DAY: Excuses For Skipping – Lovesick
WINDING DOWN: A B & The Sea – Setting Moon
DRUNK REQUESTS: Frankie Boots – Forget In The Morning
GOOD NIGHT: DownDownDown – Run Like Hell
ENDING ON A HAPPY NOTE: Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell
Ok… I listened to my play list and realized this must have been a roller coaster of a day!!! However, ultimately I think it “sounds” like a fun day!!! A little angst, a little love and a happy ending: the ingredients of a perfect day. You can listen to the full play list now on SPOTIFY



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