New song “Rockstar City” recorded at Lost Ark Studio!

March 12th, 2013 | | |
Rockstar City – The Blank Tapes The Lost Ark Studio presents “Rockstar City” by The Blank Tapes, the latest single from the Lost Ark Studio Compilation – Vol. 05. Matt and Pearl left LA early one morning to make the trek down to our studio by the beach, so glad they did – definitely one of the more unique tracks ever in studio’s compilation series, enjoy! The Blank Tapes is now and always has been Matt Adams, a soft-spoken kid from a Southern California suburb who learned to play practically every instrument a good garage band needs, and then started making beautifully idiosyncratic records on his trusty home eight-track because … well, why wait? When he first heard The Beatles and The Kinks, he knew he needed to make his own songs, too, and so in 2003 he did, with the kind of inspiration and confidence and personality you’d think have faded out in 1967. Now he releases his newest album “Vacation” on Oakland’s Antenna Farm Records, the first-ever full Blank Tapes album recorded somewhere besides Adams’ trusty 8-track and a record chasing down timelessness in its own time. Ever since the birth of the Blank Tapes, Adams has figured out the classic part of classic rock—the kind of songs that aren’t so much written as revealed. He’s secured a spot with the Danny Rose booking agency and debuted what he calls the most fully realized version of the Blank Tapes yet—a lean and pristine trio with D.A. Humphrey on bass and Charles on Moe Tucker-style drums. For the longest time the Blank Tapes has just been him, writing and recording as time and circumstance allow. But now, with a new album and a new line up, the Blank Tapes have finally become what he’s always wanted. Matt Adams – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Organ Pearl Charles – Vocals Recorded and Mixed by Mike Butler at The Lost Ark Studio Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music The LOST ART STUDIO COMPILATION – VOL. 05 offers up ten new tracks from artists from Southern California and those touring through town, recorded and mixed by Mike Butler at the Lost Ark Studio. Listen, Enjoy, Download and Share!

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