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This article originally appeared in on October 14, 2014
Global Texan Chronicles Sounds You Can Try & Buy 1 October 2014 In this week’s Sounds You Should Try & Buy we’ll visit with an California friend with an epic new exploration in all things far out… So put that peace pipe down long enough to let your fingers do some clickin and ears do some hearing… Let us begin to dig into what we’re listening to this week and thoughts from around the web. hwy 9 COVER web The Blank Tapes – ‘HWY. 9‘ (Vow Records) There is a certain reality when it comes to expecting to get one thing and receiving far more than you could ever have hoped for. In this case it’s the new epic album HWY. 9 from Matt Adam’s The Blank Tapes. 40 tracks, 10 years in the making and traveling roads far beyond and within what the world can count on from the prolific and sonically wanderlust mind of Adams. What started out as a soundtrack for a sketched out character’s storyline and later combined with not so odd ‘oddball’ tracks added for the coolness of it all. HWY. 9 traverses the familiar 60’s/70’s AM pop lightness and then goes further with a dusting of techno, a faint country whisper, a little Hawaiian lullaby quaintness and courts Beatlesque far-outness and that is just a smidgen on what can be found. Every nook and cranny is subtle exploration in sounds. Like finding an old organ at a flea market and trying each tab and button until you get a sound combination that works or tweaks the senses. Here are just a few of the highlights; a three Matt tribute to the membranophone ‘Kazoo Song’, an oh so sweet 20’s style sing along ‘My Ladybug’, the chillin’ ‘Starry Skies’, perhaps one my faves ‘Humming Bird’ and as a guy who has never been a fan of instrumentals outside the Star Wars soundtrack or gems by Roy Clark, Dick Dale or Chet Adkin, what The Blank Tapes do on this collection are groovy segues. That’s right, if the shoe fits. In a multi-directional creative sense, HWY. 9 is similar to what Beastie Boys did with Paul’s Boutique but with laid back California pop textures at the foundation then the interesting thrives from that point on. Pay attention Wayne Cayone and Thom Yorke, rockpop music just found itself a new classic. I asked Matt Adams about the story behind the album, “I started working on this album 10 years ago when it was originally called ENIPUCROP and was supposed to be accompanied by a story book. (ENIPUCROP is my porcupine character on the album cover). I never finished the concept and never drew the finished comic although I drew a few scratch pages of it. Over the years I recorded numerous little melodies and odd ball songs that didn’t fit in with the sounds of my other records. Eventually my stockpile of old recordings became too big and I decided to release them as one collection with most of the old recordings from ENIPUCROP included. 40 minutes somehow lead to 80 minutes worth of music. “My friends Levi Strom and Jim Reynolds have a lil label called Vow Records and I thought it’d be a good match for this album considering their label was started in Big Sur and HWY. 9 is a road in the Santa Cruz Mountains not far from there. I lived in a trailer in the redwoods on HWY. 9 for a month and wrote a bunch of songs. For some reason the name stuck. Reminded me of the Beatles’ Revolution #9. One day I’ll make and release ENIPUCROP The Animated Movie with some of these songs rerecorded as well as other ones not included.” Kazoo Song My Ladybug 50thirdand3rd NEW ALBUM HWY. 9 OUT NOW ! FROM THE BLANK TAPES ,40 SHORT SONGS SPANNING THE LAST DECADE you should listen to this because…. it’s fun and you have the time or you might be able to make the time or you need to not care about what time it is. get lost in the music, unplug and dig to some cool ass tunes….. Eclectic Playlist: October 2014 – Rock’n’Fall Eclectic playlist I’ve been surfing on a rock’n’roll wave lately, being unrelentingly drawn to retro grooves, intoxicated by noisy guitars, wild psyche slides or sensual bluesy songs. All in languor, traveling back in time, taking trips to exhilarating destinations. Maybe it’s in the air, in the trends, or maybe just in my head. Consequently, there is a lot of guitar ­and tambourine­ in this eclectic playlist then, but also a couple of fresh indie­pop discoveries and some folk delicacies. To contemplate the upcoming fall, with as much energy as necessary daydreaming in your pockets! Spotify Playlist LA RECORD DESERT STARS FESTIVAL (FRIDAY) @ PAPPY & HARRIET’S PIONEERTOWN PALACE The Blank Tapes @ Desert Stars Festival - 10/03/2014 There were far more beautiful stars out at Pioneertown as the Desert Stars Festival kicked off on Friday. Proceeds from this year’s festival will go towards the purchase of a land trust with the goal of creating a new home for the festival beginning in 2016. This new platform will serve as a multi-use music and arts facility in California. The goal of this project is to create a minimal impact cultural mecca within a serene setting where the vast majority of the land acquired is held as a nature preserve. Photos below of: Death Valley Girls, The Blank Tapes, Matt Ellis, Joel Gion & The Primary Colours, David J & The Gentleman Thieves, The Cold And Lovely, Little Barrie, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, The Telescopes, and Daydream Machine LYYNKS THE DANDY WARHOLS, MIRANDA LEE RICHARDS AND MORE SHINE AT DESERT STARS FESTIVAL 2014 The Blank Tapes @ Desert Stars Festival - 10/03/2014 Recap: Desert Stars 2014 an Oasis of Psychedelic and Shoegaze Rock “Continuing the high energy buildup on Friday night was The Blank Tapes. A one-man band featuring Matt Adams and a revolving cast of collaborators, Adams juxtaposed modern indie rock with ’60s San Francisco psych.” Humdrum Hippies #18 1.The Blank Tapes – Ride The Tide 2.The Underground Youth – Midnight Lust 3.Sunset Love – Reach Out 4.Buds – Saw You Smile 5.Low Times – I Totally Love You 6.Andwella’s Dream – High On A Mountain 7.Toro Y Moi – Leave Everywhere 8.The Memories – I Remember You 9.Wanderlings – Swingin 10.The Byrds – Here Without You 11.West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell Of Incense SUPER HIGH MARIO patches available on Etsy! super high mario patch Topless: las 8 rolas de la semana y el disco que hay que escuchar 8. The Blank Tapes – Tamarind Seeds Tras el nombre de The Blank Tapes está el multinstrumentista Matt Adams, que empezó grabando sus propias canciones con un viejo 8 pistas en garages en Los Angeles y San Francisco. Vuelven después de Vacation del 2013, un álbum que vale mucho la pena escuchar para los fanáticos del rock sicodélico, y ahora este es el primer corte de Slow Easy, su nuevo álbum. Misturas Voadoras #1 Featuring “I Was Wrong”

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