“Way Too Stoned” single premiere on CMJ & Video release on Myspace!

This article originally appeared in on December 15, 2014
The Blank Tapes are finally releasing their long-lost album “Geodesic Dome Piece” (Recorded in SF, 2010) on Royal Oakie Records January 13th, 2015 available on vinyl & tape! CMJ premiered the single “Way Too Stoned” and Myspace premiered the LIVE music video for it featuring Matt Adams playing all the instruments, shot by Wilcox Sessions. Check ’em out! GDP cover CMJ Track Premiere: The Blank Tapes – “Way Too Stoned” Geodesic Dome Piece arrives January 13 on Royal Oakie Maybe it’s because the Blank Tapes’ Matt Adams has spent the past decade on the sunny shores of California, but there’s something in his acid-psych missives that makes them sound like they’ve been left to marinate under a palm tree for a few years. Then again, maybe it’s just because we’re way too stoned. That’s the title of the newest single off the Blank Tapes’ upcoming album, Geodesic Dome Piece, out in January on Oakland’s Royal Oakie Records & Tapes. The track is a THC-infused rock ‘n’ roll neo-ballad about the pains and pleasures of being too damn high. And don’t worry—all that fuzziness isn’t just in your head. Listen to our premiere of Way Too Stoned below. LISTEN TO “WAY TOO STONED” ON SOUNDCLOUD! The Blank Tapes “Way Too Stoned” video shot by Wilcox Sessions in Los Angeles featuring Matt Adams playing all the instruments live! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE! Team Clermont Geodesic Dome Piece is the new album from California’s The Blank Tapes. Featuring 12 tracks of stoned-out rock n’ roll bliss—ranging from jangly guitar balladry to electric sitar psych-outs, neo-pop nuggets, 70’s rock juggernauts, and heavy fuzz freakouts—this is the first full length record from The Blank Tapes since 2012’s breakout release “Vacation”. Recorded in San Francisco, this record riffs on the City’s rock n’ roll legacy and everybody’s favorite emerald herb. Royal Oakie Tapes and Records out of Oakland, CA is excited to be releasing Geodesic Dome Piece on vinyl and cassette tape on January 13, 2015. The Blank Tapes is and always has been the musical project of one Matt Adams. Born and bred on the western shores, Mr. Adams has spent the last 10 years traveling the golden coast —writing songs, playing shows, and putting out release after release of starry-eyed pop jams. He’s been written about in Rolling Stone and Spin; he’s toured with Jonathan Wilson and Allah- Las; he’s huge in Brazil; he’s played every dive bar from Tucson to Timbuktu; soon, he’s coming to a town near you; he’s worked as an artist for Mad Magazine; he’s released dozens of album on cassette tape, cd, and vinyl; now he’s recorded an excellent new album in San Francisco, CA and it will blow your mind. MAGNET: MP3 AT 3PM THE BLANK TAPES California outfit the Blank Tapes play a stoned brand of psych rock and ready for the release of their new album, Geodesic Dome Piece, out January 13. As only fitting of their musical and aesthetic style, they release the hilariously named song “Way Too Stoned” for free download. The track’s title fits perfectly as the song drones on in a psychedelic haze and the singer moans about being too stoned for his own good. Download the track below. The Bay Bridged Get To Know: Royal Oakie Records and Tapes Oakland’s Royal Oakie Records and Tapes has been around since 2011, but they are poised for an especially busy 2015. Founded by David Glassebrook of Deep Ellum and Yasamine June, Royal Oakie has released albums from Deep Ellum, Cave Clove, and others over the last 4 years, and recently announced a fine pair of additions to their catalog: Sugar Candy Mountain’s Mystic Hits, which is out now, and The Blank Tapes‘ Geodesic Dome Piece, set for a January 13 release. Austin Town Hall Felt like I had one direction pushing this morning, musically speaking, so I had to soften things up with this sunny bit of rock n’ roll from The Blank Tapes. This song is the first single from the group’s new album, Geodesic Dome Piece, and it looks like the blend of psychedelia and roots rock will clash heads throughout the entirety of your listen. You’ll hear cascading guitar solos working over the smooth bounce of the vocals, drawing out the maximum bit of soul searching for listeners. Look for the LP on January 13th via Royal Oakie Tapes & Records.

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